This content originally appeared on, published September 28th, 2009.

Earned Media vs. Paid Media vs. Owned Media


In the past, there were basically two approaches to marketing services: earned media (PR) and paid media (advertising).

More recently we’ve seen the rise of owned media.

What’s the difference? It’s mostly about Control.

Earned media: Getting someone else to provide content about you on a media platform they own and control. Also known as Public Relations.

Paid Media: Paying someone to include your message alongside their content, on media they own and control. Also known as Advertising.

Owned Media: Providing your own content on media platforms you own and control.

Raidious deals only with owned media – we help you provide the content for the media platforms you own and control – email, blogs, social media, web video, mobile devices, and more.



UPDATE: Recently found this article from Forrester Research, apparently they’ve been looking into this. Good information.